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Working width centre swath30 ft (9.15 m)35 ft (10.67 m)
Working width side swath25 ft + 5ft swath (7.62 m + 1.52m swath)30 ft + 5ft swath (9.15 m + 1.52m swath)
Swath width centre swath4,6 ft (1.40m)
Swath width side swath with swathboard3 to 5 ft ( 0,91 to 1.52m)
Number of pick-up units2
Pick-up width (tine-to-tine)12.5 ft (3.81 m)15 ft (4.57 m)
Transport width8.3 ft (2.53m)
Transport height11,4 ft (3.47m)11.4 ft (3.47m)
Transport length27.6 ft (8.41 m)30,1 ft (9,18 m)
Height in transport position (for shipping purpose)10,4 ft (3.17m)10.4ft (3.17m)
Min power flat ground (12km/h- 8mph)100 HP
Min power flat terrain (28km/h -18mph)**140 HP
Min power all other type of terrain (28km/h-18mph)**180 HP
PTO requirement1 3/8 Z21 1000 @ 800 RPM Standard configuration (PTO included)n1 3/8 Z6 540 @ 540 RPM compatible (PTO not included)
PTO RPM and equivalent optimal working speed800 RPM (from 0 to 28km/h)n540 RPM (from 0 to 20 km/h)800 RPM (from 0 to 28km/h)n540 RPM (from 0 to 18 km/h)
Max working speed18 mph (28 km/h)
Hydraulic38 GPM @ 800 RPM (133 L/min @ 800 RPM)n26 GPM @ 540 RPM (98 L/min @ 540 RPM)
Conveyor belt hydraulic motorHigh quality Hydraulic Piston Motor
Pickup hydraulic motorHydraulic motor @ 243 RPM @ 28 km/h (18 mph)Hydraulic motor @ 243 RPM @ 28 km/h (18 mph
Oil reservoir capacity95 US gal (360 L)
Oil typeTDH
Oil Cooling systemStandard
Tires on transport chassis560 / 45-22.5 RADIAL
Conveyor length12.8 ft (3.9m)15,2 ft (4,6m)
Conveyor width36 in (0.92 m)
Discharge capabilityright left center
Conveyor direction control from tractor cabyes
Pickup height0-3 in ( 7.2 cm)
Hitch2 points Category 2 & 3
Electronic variable pickup speed control from tractor cabYes
Road lights and signalingYes
Required tractor hydraulic connections2 outlets standard ( 1 for option)2 outlets standard ( 3 if swathboard option)
Approximate machine weight5000kg ( 11000lbs)11 750 lb (5 340 Kg)
Adjustable skid shoesStandard
Comparing ground pressure:
1 person weighing 90kg (200 lbs)1.16 lbs / ( 0.081 kg/cm2)
1 MergePro skid0.85 lbs / ( 0.059 kg/cm2)
See the MERGEPRO915See the MERGEPRO1060

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