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Marques de commerce enregistrées :

  • Registered Trademarks:
    A (logo) Anderson
    Canada: LMC995195
    US: 6,269.26
  • Biobaler 
    Canada: LMC770479
    US: 3.679.169 (expired)
    Europe: 009488073 (expired)


  • Xtractor
    Canada: CA Patent No. 2.722.307
    US: US Patent No. 9.374.946
    Canada: pending
    US: US Patent No. 10.945.375
    Europe: pending
    Australia: pending
    New-Zealand: pending
  • Fusion720 Xtractor
    Canada: pending
    US: pending
  • Mixer – Auger Extension
    Canada: pending
    US: US Patent No. 10.821.407
  • Corn Stalk Deflector
    Canada: pending
    US: pending
  • Smart start
    Canada: pending
    US: pending

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