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Maximum arm extension9' 6" (2,9m)11' 6" (3,5m)14' (4,2m)16' (4,8m)
Swing angle360°
Grapple rotationContinuous
Maximum grapple opening30 po (76,2cm)36 po (91,4 cm)48 po (121,9 cm)48 po (121,9 cm)
Closed grapple diameter3 po (7,6 cm)4 po (10,2 cm)4 po (10,2 cm)4 po (10,2 cm)
Hydraulic dumftng boxoptional - n26 ft3 (0,7m3)nlifts at 45°optional - n45 ft3 (1,2m3)nlifts at 45°N/DN/D
5,5 HP power unitoptionalN/DN/DN/D
13 HP power unitN/Doptionaloptionaloptional
Hydraulic articulated drawbarN/DSTDSTDSTD
Tires26x12x12 (8 ply)12,5L15 highway (12 ply)12,5L15 highway (12 ply)16,5L16,1 (14 ply)
Maximum Rotator Torque
@ 2450 PSI (170 bar)445 lb.ft (600 N.m)
@ 2900 PSI (200 bar)--525 lb.ft (710 N.m)525 lb.ft (710 N.m)
Empty weight
Loader only705 lb (320kg)1003 lb (455kg)1500 lb (680 lb)1620 lb (735kg)
Trailer only815 lb (370kg)1422 lb (654 kg)1785 lb (810kg)RF-612 : 2612 lb (1185 kg)nRF-612HD : 2866 lb (1300kg)
Total1520 lb (690kg)2925 lb (1100kg)3285 lb (1490kg)RF-612 : 4232 lb (1920 kg)nRF-612HD : 4486 lb (2035kg)
Hydraulic winch
Optional - nW400 2-speedOptional - nW400 2-speednor W750Optional - nW750Optional - nW750
Loading capacity2000/4000 lb n(907/1814 kg)2000/4000 lb n(907/1814 kg)noun6500 lb (2948 kg)6500 lb (2948 kg)6500 lb (2948 kg)
Steel cableØ1/4" x 85ft n(Ø0,6cm x 26m)Ø1/4" x 85ft n(Ø0,6cm x 26m)nounØ3/8" x 150ft n(Ø0,9cm x 45,7m)Ø3/8" x 150ft n(Ø0,9cm x 45,7m)Ø3/8" x 150ft n(Ø0,9cm x 45,7m)
Lifting capacity, full boom extension
@ 2450 PSI (170 bar)700 lb (318 kg)1100 lb (499 kg)1300 lb (589 kg)1150 lb (521 kg)
@ 2900 PSI (200 bar)--2000 lb (907 kg)1985 lb (900 kg)
Total load capacity
RF-380 :n9900 lb (4490 kg)RF-410 :n20000 lb (9072 kg)RF-512 :n20000 lb (9072 kg)RF-612 :n20000 lb (9072 kg)nRF-612HD : n28440 lb (12900 kg)
See the M90See the M115See the M140See the M160

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