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Features and Benefits

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Technical specifications

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Features and Benefits

Why buy the MERGEPRO915?


Camless pickup

Camless 6 row pickup reel means, no unnecessary bearings, control rollers, curved tracks and tine carrier profiles. Significantly fewer components for higher working speed and reduced maintenance. Simple rotation, no additional moving parts, no additional wear. Less parts = less maintenance.


Fastest working speed

Cam less pickup also allows for maximum working speed from 0 to 18 mph (0-28 km/h)


Adaptive True Ground Speed technology

This truly unique feature to the MERGEPRO allows the pickup and belt to be constantly monitoring the ground speed and adjusting themselves to deliver constant and equal crop on the belt as you go insuring consistent swath.


Deflector above pickup and belt

Optimizing the crop upside down rotation for better drying effect of the forage.Insures constant and smooth flow of the crop from the field ground to the belt conveyor without damaging the leaves or letting them flying off the swath.




Multiple crop delivery options

Left, Right, Left and Right, Left Left with center delivery, Right right with center delivery, All center. Dimensions of 25 ft (7,62m) when working in side delivery and 30ft (9,15m) in center delivery mode.


Narrow and simple transport

For the same raking width as a rotary rake, belt rakes are much more compact in size, making them much easier to use and store. Their stability and weight also make them easier for your tractor to lift, making transport and navigation of rough roads simpler and making them ideal for working in tight spaces.


Heavy Duty Belt Conveyors

Commercial-grade belt conveyors provide efficient transition from crop to windrow, regardless of delivery side. The conveyor belt is self-cleaning and requires no tracking adjustments. The belt tension can be adjusted without any tools.


Compaction of the field

The large contact surface of the skid shoes ensures, even in very soft and wet soil conditions, that the MERGEPRO glides smoothly over the ground. This support surface has a damping effect and thus reduces system oscillations and vibrations. Low compaction is equally achieved due to our hydraulic adjustable suspension system. This protects the entire system and the field.




The Anderson did things that the Reiter and Oxbo would not have done. our crew has used both machines. the mergepro has Faster ground speed, a cleaner sweep and double merging crossing windrows. It didn’t matter, it just simply went through !”

James Martin, Martin’s Supply LLC. Greencastle, PA

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Technical specifications


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