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The new Fusion720 xtractor
Contractors will particularly appreciate this machine for its versatility to wrap inline as well as individual bales. Lets you optimize and diversify the customer base and increase turnover with a single equipment.

The Fusion720 Xtractor also solves the problem of row ends and losses caused by this system. Simply wrap a bale to create a start and end plug, sealing the row perfectly and minimize the losses caused by poor sealing of the ends.

For producers who sell a portion of their crop, the Fusion720 Xtractor allows you to wrap inline to feed your own livestock, while saving on film. On the other hand, if your crops exceed the needs of your herd, the excess can be wrapped individually, allowing you to maximize the selling value of your bales by allowing you to sell them without deterioration of its quality.

Perfect also when the storage site is limited and does not allow to wrap everything in one place, it is now possible to wrap bales individually with one machine.

With the Fusion720 xtractor, you have the best of both worlds Anderson, presents its latest innovation :
the Fusion720 Xtractor, a single machine that can wrap everything!

Versatility and speed
Wrapping optimization
Plastic economy

Round bale diameter**Up to 6 ft (1,8 m) inline wrappingnUp to 5 ft (1,5 m) individual wrapping
Round bale lengthUp to 5 ft (1,5 m)
Square baleN/A
Wrapping speed*Up to 140 bales/hr n(inline wrapping)nUp to 50 bales/hr n(single bale wrapping)
Aluminum film stretcher2 x 30 in (750 mm)
Engine13 HP Hondan(20 HP optional)
Final bale push offXtractor™ automatic system
Bed shapeFlat shapped
Bale guides for alignmentAdjustable
Bale guides rollers4
Leveling systemHydraulic lifting axle
Road lightsStandard
Hoop speedAdj. flow control valve
Traction Tires29 x 12,5-15
Rear tires9.5L-15 highway
Hydraulic tail gateStandard
Auto-locking wheelsStandard
Adjustable hydraulic compaction systemStandard
Smart startStandard
Overall width – A9 ft 10 in (2,99 m)
Overall width (in transport mode)9 ft 1 in (2,77 m)
Overall height – B9 ft 10 in (3 m)
Overall length19 ft 5 in (5,91 m)
Overall length (in transport mode)17 ft (5,18m)
Overall weight6315 lb (2864 kg)
Weight on tow bar1205 lb (547 kg)
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