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The PRO-CHOP 150 is a bale feeder and chopper that provide an ideal bedding or feeding solution for bales of hay, straw, silage. The Anderson improved model is now the only model on the market able to process different material in different length: Haylage – full length down to 5’’, Hay – full length down to 3’’, Straw – full length down to 1’’. Perfect for processing round and square bales.

Features and options

  1. 1.

    NEW more agressive rotor with 22 discs and 264 knives for more effective processing.

  2. 2.

    The top gate when engaged will be used to help chop down fi ber more effi ciently. On the other hand when disengaged it will allow material to go through without cutting it leaving it pretty much intact. Counter knive setting is always used along with the top gate to chop down fi ner material.

  3. 3.

    The removable recutter screen is used ONLY when processing straw. The screen with its 2 inches wholes, will prevent longer fi ber of straw to go through and will be forced back into the kvives’s path and be cut.

  4. 4.

    The comb is part of the rotor and allows the bales to be perfectly fed through the rotor. Prevents the bales to come in too quickly and creating blocages.

  5. 5.

    68 inches Blower made with steel AR400 ensuring the best quality and resistance to wear. Side wall fan in steel AR400 also.

  6. 6.

    Large wheels for muddy terrain.

Type of balesStraw/hay/baleage
Round Bale Capacity1 bale up to 6' × 5' long (1,9 m × 1,5 m) or 2 bales up to 5' × 5' long (1,5 m × 1,5 m)
Square Bale Capacity4' × 4' × 9' (1,2 m × 1,3 m × 2,8 m)
Maximum bale(s) weight2755 lb (1250 kg)
Maximum discharge distanceUp to 60' (18 m) on the right side and up to 40' (12 m) on the left side
ControlsElectrical with conveyor speed adjustment
Chute rotation270°
Tires315 × 80 R 22,5 L
Tractor mountingDouble plate hitch
Number of blower paddles8
Number of knives264
Number of discs on rotor22
Tractor Minimum Hydraulic Flow5,5 gal/min (20 l/min)
Tractor Minimum Hydraulic Pressure200 bar (2900 psi)
Tractor Minimum HP requirements80 HP
Tractor hydraulic requirements1
PTO requirement540 RPM
Overall width (m)14' 10" (4.52 m)
Overall height (m)8' 11" (2.71 m)
Overall length (m)7' 11" (2.41 m)
Overall weight (kg)6615 lb (3000 kg)
Bale chamber (W × H × L)5’5” × 3’11” × 6’7” (1.65 m × 1.20 m × 2 m)
Bale chamber capacity152 pi3 (4 m3)
Compare Bale blower/feeder - Bale blower/feeder

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