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The M-140 is designed to exceed the expectations of today’s customer. It’s engineered to be reliable every day – and durable over the long haul. The power of its 14′ boom offers an ease for lifting logs when fully extended and also close to the trailer. For professional logging contractors or seasonal loggers, this model is unmatched in the industry making it the ideal choice for thinning and forest management tasks.

Features and options

  1. 1.

    Hydraulic winch 1 speed (6500 lb) with steel cable 150' × 3/8" diameter (45.7 m × 9 mm)

  2. 2.

    Circuit control with joysticks

  3. 3.

    360 degree rotation grapple

  4. 4.

    Articulated draw bar for improved maneuverability in tight areas

  5. 5.

    13 HP Honda power unit

Maximum arm extension14' (4,2m)
Swing angle360°
Grapple rotationContinuous
Maximum grapple opening48 po (121,9 cm)
Closed grapple diameter4 po (10,2 cm)
Hydraulic dumftng boxN/D
5,5 HP power unitN/D
13 HP power unitoptional
Hydraulic articulated drawbarSTD
Tires12,5L15 highway (12 ply)
Maximum Rotator Torque
@ 2450 PSI (170 bar)445 lb.ft (600 N.m)
@ 2900 PSI (200 bar)525 lb.ft (710 N.m)
Empty weight
Loader only1500 lb (680 lb)
Trailer only1785 lb (810kg)
Total3285 lb (1490kg)
Hydraulic winch
Optional - nW750
Loading capacity6500 lb (2948 kg)
Steel cableØ3/8" x 150ft n(Ø0,9cm x 45,7m)
Lifting capacity, full boom extension
@ 2450 PSI (170 bar)1300 lb (589 kg)
@ 2900 PSI (200 bar)2000 lb (907 kg)
Total load capacity
RF-512 :n20000 lb (9072 kg)
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