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The pull type twin auger A700 mixer (side trap discharge) is designed for intensive daily use. These mixers are adaptable depending on the configuration of the operation and the type of farming. The solution for every size farm.

Capacity (no capacity extension)700 ft3 (19.8 m3)
6 in capacity extension770 ft3 (21.8 m3)
12 in capacity extension840 ft3 (23.8 m3)
18 in capacity extension910 ft3 (25.8 m3)
Number of Auger2
Length (A)288 in (7.32 m)
Height (B) no extension110 in (2.79 m)
6 in capacity extension116 in (2.95 m)
12 in capacity extension121 in (3.07 m)
18 in capacity extension128 in (3.25 m)
Hay retention ring (additionnal height)0 in / 3,5 in
Without incline conveyor101 in (2.57 m)
With incline conveyor (retracted)117 in (2.97 m)
Incline conveyor operating angle (degrees)26 @39
Outside width of the wheels100 in (2.54 m)
Incline conveyor 3 ft at min.26 angle /max 4023 in (0.58 m) / 20 in (0.51 m)
Incline conveyor 4 ft at min. 26 angle /max 4054 in (1.36 m) / 61 in (1.54 m)
Incline conveyor 5 ft at min. 26 angle /max 4061 in (1.54 m) / 71 in (1.80 m)
Incline conveyor 6 ft at min. 26 angle /max 4065 in (1.65 m) / 77 in (1.96 m)
Incline conveyor 7 ft at min. 26 angle /max 4072 in (1.83 m) / 87 in (2.21 m)
Incline conveyor 8 ft at min. 26 angle /max 4076 in (1.94 m) / 93 in (2.37 m)
Incline conveyor 3 ft at min. 26 angle /max 4049 in (1.25 m) / 54 in (1.38 m)
Floor ST (E1) / Conveyor FD (E2) to ground44 in (1.12 m)
PTO shaft - Standard specification1000 RPM?1" 3/8 Z21
PTO shaft - Option specification1000 RPM?1"3/4 Z20?540 RPM?1" 3/8 Z6
2 speed Gear BoxOptional
2 Speed Gear Box and ratioC3A-R, 1;1,5 540 RPM?C3A-R, 1,8;2,7 1000 RPM
Minimum PTO HP Requirement - Low Speed100
Minimum PTO HP Requirement - High Speed150
Auger RPM - Low Speed27 RPM
Auger RPM - Standard High speed41 RPM
Standard planetary model and ratio configuration2003 @25.89
Optionnal Planetary2002 @ 13.4 540 RPM
Floor Thickness (AR235 grade)3/4 in
Sidewall Thickness (AR235 grade)1/4 in
Flighting Thickness (AR235 grade)5/8 in
Standard knives per auger6 / 10 optional
Driveline securityShear bolt
Hydraulic flow requirement10-15 US gal/ min?37-56 L/ min
Hydraulic pressure160-200 bars?(2300-2900 psi)
Load cell4
Scale systemDG500 (standard)?
Machine Weight (empty) - STD configuration15 987 lb (7250 kg)
Utility load capacity20 300 lb (9206 kg)
Axle - Standard specificationsSingle
Axle - Optional specificationsTandem
Wheels - Standard specifications275/70R22.5 (DOUBLE)
Compare Mixers - Twin Auger

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